"The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me" - Ayn Rand  Don't ever, ever let someone get in the way of what you want to do and what you set out to accomplish. We all have a mission. We all have a purpose. It is our right... Continue Reading →

A Little #TBT

#ThrowbackThursday to the two times I got Mr. Superstarrrr Frankie Z, featured on the front page of RyanSeacrest.com ..    Now for the million dollar question - how?!?! At the age of 15, I got an unsigned artist on the front page of one of the most respected entertainment websites in the world ...there is a... Continue Reading →

Ready, Set, Action! 

The last few days have been insaneeeee! Frankie took the opportunity, while in LA, to film a music video to one of his soon-to-be-released tracks, Pop Back (stay tuned)! This was especially exciting for me because it was my first time on set of a music video! I've been around Frankie for many things and... Continue Reading →


As I was walking around an outdoor shopping mall in Hollywood a few days ago, I noticed red paint on the wall and block letters in white. "WAIT, that's the Revolt office" I thought to myself. Sure enough, I was right. To my surprise, I found out that a live taping was going to be happening in... Continue Reading →

TCAs 2015 

Can I just start with a side note by saying that last night, I transferred from staying in a hotel to staying in a hostel and I'm experiencing something super awesome! It's like I'm sharing a room with the world...there's a girl from China, another from England, one from France (who was super excited when... Continue Reading →

Pop Nation @ The Roxy! 

So if you read my About G Bevs, you know that one of my best friends (whose really like my big bro) is well...a pop artist! I started off as a hugeeee, crazyyy (legit cray) fan of his several years ago & always believed in him & wanted to see him succeed (I'll make a... Continue Reading →

Live Nation

Today was SO COOL. My hotel was literally a 2.5953 minute walk from one of the Live Nation headquarters located right in Hollywood! I decided to walk inside and see if I could speak to anyone. Now, I didn't get past reception but I do have to say, the receptionist was THE sweetest (shoutout to... Continue Reading →

La La Landdd 

Ahhhh so it's my first time in Los Angeles and I am SUPER EXCITED! It's always been one of my dreams to come to the West Coast and see what it's all about ...is it like what I see in the movies? Read about in books? ...nope! It's WAY MORE than that!! LA has been... Continue Reading →

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