TCAs 2015 

Can I just start with a side note by saying that last night, I transferred from staying in a hotel to staying in a hostel and I’m experiencing something super awesome! It’s like I’m sharing a room with the world…there’s a girl from China, another from England, one from France (who was super excited when she found out I could speak French), one from Norway & another from Australia…pretty insightful to hear about the different cultures & for us all to share stories! An experience I will never forget & that I would suggest everyone tries at least once in their lives! 

Okay…back to the original reason for this post…

TCA = Teen. Choice. Awards. That’s right, I got to attend my first ever award show today!!! Now before you all ask, I didn’t walk the blue carpet and I wasn’t escorted in by security…not this time anyways haha! I was what they call a seat filler, someone who is a part of the audience and takes up a seat in the venue (which so happened to be The Galen Center) so that the award show can look good on television! 

It was a super cool experience to see all the honorees & performers walk into the venue & then watch the whole show live. There are people in the audience singing & dancing, bringing a whole other aspect to the show & adding the element of excitement that isn’t there when you solely watch the live taping on TV! 

Tip of the day: Step out of your comfort zone & try new things! Life is SO MUCH MORE than what you know! 

“One step is what separates your comfort zone from life” –Anonymous

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