Staples Center & The Grammy Museum

I decided that today, I would be taking the subway to make my way to a different part of town…

I finally got to see, with my very own eyes, one of THE most iconic venues in the world…The Staples Center! Now, anyone in music knows that if you can sell out this venue, let’s just say things are going prettyyyy well with your career! All I could picture as I stood outside the establishment was seeing an artist I will be working with, on that stage, with a crowd of thousands singing along to every word of every song! #DreamBig 🙌🏼

To my surprise, the official Grammy Museum was situated right down the block from the Staples Center. I decided to go & brush up on my Grammy history by taking a tour…veryyyy cool! Real Grammy’s were cased in…I did say REAL Grammy’s!! Ahhhh! There were even several Michael Jackson artifacts on display..the famous glove, and different costume jackets, just to name a few! To top it all off, there was a Taylor Swift exhibition going on at the time…time to get to know more about Ms. T. Swizzle herself! 

Fun fact: Did you know that The Grammy’s were founded by a Canadian? A Quebeker to be more specific – Mr. Pierre Cossette himself …I found it pretty awesome to know someone from the same place as me, founded such a prestigious & sought out award show! 👏🏼

“When all is said and done, the best vacation I can imagine is sitting at my desk watching the phones light up, promising me another day in show business.” Pierre Cossette 

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