Pop Nation @ The Roxy! 

So if you read my About G Bevs, you know that one of my best friends (whose really like my big bro) is well…a pop artist! I started off as a hugeeee, crazyyy (legit cray) fan of his several years ago & always believed in him & wanted to see him succeed (I’ll make a longer post about that in the near future…stay tuned). 

Flash forward to April 10th 2015… Frankie Zulferino had a dream of his come true when he was signed to the Johnny Wright of Wright Entertainment Group! (Go Frankie Go! #NeverGiveUp #BelieveInYou #DreamBig)! For those of you who might not know, Johnny Wright is currently Justin Timberlake’s manager, and used to manage the Jonas Brothers, Janet Jackson and Britney Spears, just to name a few!

Due to being signed to WEG, Frankie had the chance to be a part of the Pop Nation Tour, which toured across the entire (okay, most of) the United States this summer. The last stop on tour took place at The Roxy on Sunset Blvd in LA, and I was lucky enough to be in town to attend the performance.

All of the acts were great, but I will be a little biased here, (understandably) to Frankie!! He was INSANEEEEE!! He came on stage with not one, not two, but four dancers and blew the roof off of the place. I was SO PROUD to be standing in the audience & had the biggest smile on my face! Good job Frankie…we love you!! ❤️

Make sure to check out Frankie’s latest work by clicking here

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