A Little #TBT

#ThrowbackThursday to the two times I got Mr. Superstarrrr Frankie Z, featured on the front page of RyanSeacrest.com ..

Now for the million dollar question – how?!?! At the age of 15, I got an unsigned artist on the front page of one of the most respected entertainment websites in the world …there is a very simple explanation to that how – research & using social media to my advantage

Over the years, though experience while accomplishing certain tasks for Frankie, (a lot of which I took upon myself to do), I learnt a bunch of stuff about how to use the Internet to my benefit. Here are a few of my tips

  • Find out names of people (staff workers, interns, assistants etc) who work at the company in question
  • Follow them on social media 
  • Tweet them (honestly Twitter is one of the best ways to reach someone in this industry)
  • Get to know Google inside and out (find key words that will pull up the most relevant searches)
  • Be patient – you will get ignored more than anything else 
  • Be persistent – keep tweeting, but don’t spam 😉
  • Target the right people (oftentimes, you’re better off contacting the assistant or intern than the executive him/herself) 

Of course, this would have never been possible without the awesome team at RyanSeacrest.com! They took a chance on Frankie, and we will forever be grateful for it! #ShoutoutToAZ #AndJR #AndKP #AndMM – you guys rock!! 

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