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Tips: Influencer Marketing

Thanks to Black Box, I got to familiarize myself with the concept of influencer marketing. If you would have asked me what an influencer was back in September and why he/she is relevant, I would have stared back at you blankly. But after having engulfed myself into the world of influencer marketing for a few months,… Continue reading Tips: Influencer Marketing

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Demi Lovato & DNCE – LIVE!

A few weeks ago, my colleagues and I were invited to an event that was taking place at the L.A Live. For those of you who don't know, the L.A Live is an area in Downtown Los Angeles where the Staples Center, Microsoft Theater and Nokia Plaza are all situated. There are restaurants and nightclubs… Continue reading Demi Lovato & DNCE – LIVE!

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Scooter Braun…More Than Just a Name 

Earlier today, I came across an article from the New York Times that has been circling the web. The article begins by giving a little bit of background on artist manager/founder of SB Projects, Scooter Braun, best known as being Justin Bieber's manager. It then proceeds with a Q&A section. Scooter Braun is another individual whom… Continue reading Scooter Braun…More Than Just a Name 

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Ready, Set, Action! 

The last few days have been insaneeeee! Frankie took the opportunity, while in LA, to film a music video to one of his soon-to-be-released tracks, Pop Back (stay tuned)! This was especially exciting for me because it was my first time on set of a music video! I've been around Frankie for many things and… Continue reading Ready, Set, Action!