I Moved to …. LOS ANGELES!

Well, what they’ve all said is true…dreams really do come true! They really, really do!

Being in the Co-op program at my University, I was required to go out on my first work term (internship) this Fall. Through a series of random events, I was put in touch with team members at Black Box, a music marketing company. After they reviewed my résumé, an interview was scheduled, and after a week, I was hired. From there, I applied for my visa, got accepted, and on September 1st, I took my flight out from YUL to LAX. I haven’t looked back since (and am already getting anxiety about going home!)

It’s been one month that I’m out here so far and it has been more than anything imaginable. One of the main reasons I was so interested in interning at Black Box is because I felt like it would give me a very clear idea as to how an artist is marketed, how their single is marketed, their EP, their tour etc. I am so impressed with the way the internal team functions. It’s almost mesmerizing at times. We have team meetings where we Skype in with the members of the team that aren’t based in LA and I have to say, those meetings are my favorite. I just love when everyone comes together and shares ideas, discusses the topic at hand etc.

I have been working on multiple tasks since I’ve started my internship and that’s what I love. Although I do have a main project to focus on, I do other things in between and get to listen in to different meetings so it’s cool because I’m learning different things by different manners, some by actually doing, others simply by listening and observing. The days pass by so quickly that I often find myself doing work at night and on weekends too, and since I love the music industry and what I’m doing, trust me when I say I’m not complaining. It’s funny because I have a feeling that the rest of my life will be this way. Wherever I get a job, I will never be able to just stop when I clock out. I always feel like I can be doing more and getting more advanced in my projects.

Not only have I always dreamt of living in Los Angeles, but I’ve also dreamt of working at an official company in the music industry. Of course helping Frankie Z with his career has given me hands on experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the entire world, but this is a completely different ball game. At Black Box, I am forced to interact with a whole team of people, I have a physical office, I am not on my own, but rather I am learning from everyone else and am working with others on different assignments. I really do love it.

Here’s to another two months of living the dream ….

#DreamBig …a single instance can change everything!

Follow your dreams!
The shirt says it all!
The office!

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