Scooter Braun…More Than Just a Name 

Earlier today, I came across an article from the New York Times that has been circling the web.

The article begins by giving a little bit of background on artist manager/founder of SB Projects, Scooter Braun, best known as being Justin Bieber’s manager. It then proceeds with a Q&A section.

Scooter Braun is another individual whom I look up to in this industry. He is currently one of the top players on the management side of the industry. Just a little over 30, he already has a very successful company with a great roster of artists signed under his name. He really is one of the ones to beat when it comes to management.

As someone who wants to also one day successfully run my own artist management company, it’s always fun for me to read articles or watch interviews on those who aspire me most, and those whose footsteps I’d like to follow (or rather, be guided by).

The whole article, which can be found by clicking here, was a great one. Very well written and I enjoyed taking the time to read it.

There is one thing that stood out to me (in a good way), and that I’d like to point out. When Mr. Braun was asked what his priorities are for 2016, he answered the following,

“Being able to self-finance our own stuff and create content in-house. I never like to talk about things until we’re already successful. The moment you announce what you’re thinking about doing, you’ve already created a ticking time bomb. Where I’ve been able to be successful in our company’s path is the fact that people think that we kill it, because they don’t see our failures. Because we don’t talk about them.” -Scooter Braun, excerpt from an interview with the New York Times

I read that answer, and my reaction was “wow. This guy is really great.” Mr. Braun gave one of the best answers I’ve ever heard given to that question. He’s so right when he says that when you speak of future plans, people start expecting more from you and then, hmmm what if they don’t turn out in your favor? What if they don’t turn out at all? Better to just keep everything hush hush until you know for sure that it’s all going smoothly and only then release the news. It’s a much better way to make your company look even more successful than it might be.

My hat goes off to Scooter Braun..excellent article! 👌🏼

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