A Quick Trip to LA…

Two weeks ago, I got to spend five days in the City of Angels, or as I like to call it, the City of Dreams. After having worked so hard during my second semester at University, and throughout the exam period, I was in much need of a getaway…I wouldn’t necessarily call this trip a vacation, because while I was in this wonderful city, I was on the go go gooo!

A little bit about my trip…

I arrived on Tuesday, and already that day got tickets to see James Bay (part of Republic Records’ incredible roster of artists) perform outside on the Live with Jimmy Kimmel stage! What an awesome experience. He sang a few songs, two which aired on television, and others which didn’t. It was my first time attending this kind of taping and I thought it was SO COOL. I couldn’t fathom the fact that it was so easy to get free tickets to see amazing artists perform!! I legit showed up to the location and was like “hey can I get a ticket?” And before I knew it, I was in. 

The next day, I took a hike up to the Hollywood Sign ….I tried to do that the last time I was in Los Angeles, and it failed, so I made it a point to get to the right spot to see this super well-known landmark ..after walking uphill for about an hour and a half, I MADE IT!!! Tip: To get a great view of the sign, go up Beachwood St, then take a left on Ledgewood St and walk allllll the way up, until you can no longer walk anymore. You can also drive using this way – look below for the amazing pictures you can get from taking my advice 👌🏼

The following day, I got to see a star unveiling on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Two words: so cool! The individual getting inaugurated was actor Barbara Baine – she was obviously present, as were her family & friends, including Ed Asner & Dick van Dyke, both of which gave a speech at the ceremony! Just being there, seeing it happen, was incredible. The Walk of Fame is iconic, it is something everyone thinks of when they think of Hollywood, and being able to see how it all happens was something I’ve always wanted. Once the half hour ceremony was complete, I headed to Rodeo Drive, before heading back to the Hollywood area to see Nick Jonas perform an outdoor concert at the Jimmy Kimmel show (yes, I went to two outdoor concert tapings within a few days – I’m serious, it’s that easy to get tickets!!!) Seeing James Bay perform was awesome, but I only know one-two of his songs …seeing Nick Jonas was even more awesome, because I know all of his songs, and have never seen him perform as a solo artist. I was an obsessed Jonas Brothers fan back in the day, so you have to understand that naturally, every Jonas will always hold a special place in my heart – it is actually thanks to them that I met Frankie & found my passion for the music industry so there we go. Nick started by singing his most recent hit, Close, ft Tove Lo, who also showed up for the performance! He then sang Champagne Problems, both of which were televised. Then, for the heck of it, he continued by singing three of his biggest hits – Chains, Levels and of course, Jealous. I could never explain the feeling of hearing a song you’ve sung along to and bumped your head to a million times, being sung live. It really is just the greatest feeling. Later that night, right by the Chinese Theatre, a red carpet was rolled out – it was the opening night of the Classic Movie Festival, so they had a screening of classic movies in the Chinese Theatre. Certain successful actors were present, hence the red carpet, but what was super cool about this was that the red carpet was left out throughout the evening, which meant that even regular people, like you and I, could walk on it – obviouslyyyy I took the opportunity to do just that hahaha, see below for pictures 😊

Okay so fast forward to Saturday – big day! You guessed it, I got tickets to another taping – this time, it was for the very first taping of a new show set to air within the next few months. Special guest? Kim Kardashian. Ahhhh okay so I don’t love Kim, BUT, I do watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, solely because it has such a high entertainment value – I just think it’s so funny to see the “dilemmas” of this super rich clan – or should I write it as “klan”? Like you’re crying because your diamond earring fell at the bottom of the ocean and you haven’t insured it yet! Really? People don’t even have clean water to drink …anywayssssss it was surreal to see such a well-known public figure sit 10 feet away from me for an hour and a half. Once the taping was over, I headed to the Microsoft Theatre in Downtown LA to see what was going on, as that’s where the Radio Disney Music Awards were being held. I knew my idol Charlie Walk was there, and there was just something telling me I would see him. Well, low and behold, after the show finished – I SAW HIM!!!!!! I was actually dyingggg because I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t believe that my feeling was right, and that CW was standing right in front of me. I’m from Montreal, he’s based in New York, meanwhile we bumped into each other again, but in Los Angeles!! Hahaha whattttt? I really do believe that everything happens for a reason. I’ll have a whole other blog post solely on that but the encounter was just so crazy!!! My last night in LA and I bump into my idol, Charlie – wow. 

So yep, that concludes my short, but eventful trip to Los Angeles – next time, I’ll be around for a little longer. Dream, take chances, embrace opportunities – anything can happen at any moment, and that’s what makes life exciting! 

*See below for pictures*


Selfie with the Chinese Theatre
A view of LA ❤️
James Bay performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
This is the picture with the Hollywood Sign that I got…take my advice guys!! 👌🏼
Barbara Baine getting her star on the Walk of Fame!
Barbara Baine with Ed Asner & Dick van Dyke
Selfie with the Beverly Hills sign!
Nick Jonas performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Red carpet time!!!!!
Myself with my idol – the one and only, Charlie Walk

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