Tips: Influencer Marketing

Thanks to Black Box, I got to familiarize myself with the concept of influencer marketing. If you would have asked me what an influencer was back in September and why he/she is relevant, I would have stared back at you blankly. But after having engulfed myself into the world of influencer marketing for a few months,... Continue Reading →

My First Rock Show EVER!

Last week, I got to experience my very first rock show, and let me tell you, it was quite an experience! Beartooth, a band we work with at Black Box, is currently on their Agressive tour, which has stops all across the United States & Europe through the end of the year. Last week, they... Continue Reading →

Quick Trip to Las Vegassssss!

I figured, if I'm on the West Coast, might as well make the most of it! With the iHeartRadio music festival taking place in Las Vegas during the last weekend of September, I thought to myself that I had a valid reason to make the trip. Besides, I've never been to Vegas, yet I've heard... Continue Reading →

Demi Lovato & DNCE – LIVE!

A few weeks ago, my colleagues and I were invited to an event that was taking place at the L.A Live. For those of you who don't know, the L.A Live is an area in Downtown Los Angeles where the Staples Center, Microsoft Theater and Nokia Plaza are all situated. There are restaurants and nightclubs... Continue Reading →

I Moved to …. LOS ANGELES!

Well, what they've all said is true...dreams really do come true! They really, really do! Being in the Co-op program at my University, I was required to go out on my first work term (internship) this Fall. Through a series of random events, I was put in touch with team members at Black Box, a... Continue Reading →

Frankie Z. Releases “Forever Girl”

Just this week, Frankie Z. released his newest music video [watch it by clicking here], and I have to say, it's one of my FAVORITESSSSS!! So I'm gonna split this post into two sections - video and song. Video - I thought it was SO MUCH FUN to watch and so simple. Fun fact: Frankie filmed the entire... Continue Reading →

Frankie Z  Makes us “Pop Back” 

Frankie's newest music video, set in sunny Los Angeles gives us just the right amount of cool to get us hyped for Summer 2016!  The video begins with Frankie finishing up a dance class he is teaching. It then transitions to him in his convertible, on his way back to his beautiful downtown LA loft where... Continue Reading →

I’m Addicted…

#Addicted to Frankie Z's newest single & music video that is (and it just so happens that the track is also called "Addicted"..hmmmm) 😜 I've made it super easy for ya'll - all you have to do is click here and you'll be re-directed to the music video! This is truly one of my favorites - I... Continue Reading →

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