“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life” -Robin Sharma 

This week’s #MondayMotivation is something I so strongly believe in, and something I’ve said more than once…it’s not that I’m trying to be repetitive, it’s the fact that in the world we live in, we are thrown millions of messages every day, so it becomes very easy to forget…I am here to try and remind haha! 😊

It is so important to be DIFFERENT, be UNIQUE. The point of every year is to engage in every opportunity you can. We call events moments, moment …key word here is “a”, which in other words means one moment – because that’s exactly what it is; something that will happen only once in your life. That being said, I highly believe in embracing anything that comes our way. You have the chance to take four months off of school and travel to China? Do it. You have the opportunity to go to a conference that’s miles away from you? Do it. You have a chance to take that job, that might set you back from school for a little bit but will give you valuable experience? Do it.

Don’t let fear stop you. Don’t make your life routine – make sure that it is always keeping you on your toes and make sure that it keeps you excited, waiting for the next day, because there is a possibility of an opportunity coming your way that can change everything. 

At the young age of 19, I can already say that I am living life by this quote. No year thus far has been the same ..and why is that? Because I take chances, because I embrace the opportunities that come to me. I don’t just go to school during the year and work during the summer – that’s not me. I go to school, take trips during the school year and I get out of my daily routine whenever I can, because really, that’s when the best and unforgettable moments occur – when you are doing something other than what you ordinarily do. 

Live an exciting life – and don’t forget to #DreamBig 😉

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