Frankie Z Makes Us Swoon in Cover of “Like a Prayer” 

Watch the video by clicking HERE!

Well, the title says it all.

Just yesterday, pop artist Frankie Z released his newest masterpiece – a video where he covers Queen Madonna’s iconic record, “Like a Prayer”. In his version, Frankie slows it down, making it more ballad-like. 

The video in question complements the song beautifully, with its soft colors and dramatic scenes. The beautiful Nicolette Peteley plays the female lead, dancing elequently throughout the video. 

Congrats Frankie on another stupendous video!!! You are amazing & I can’t wait for the day when people are covering YOUR records 😉 #FutureIcon #FutureLegend xoxo 

Make sure to all watch (link again here), leave a comment & share with your network of individuals! 😊🎶


Watch a quick preview of it below! 

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