Frankie Z. Releases “Forever Girl”

Just this week, Frankie Z. released his newest music video [watch it by clicking here], and I have to say, it’s one of my FAVORITESSSSS!!

So I’m gonna split this post into two sections – video and song.

Video – I thought it was SO MUCH FUN to watch and so simple. Fun fact: Frankie filmed the entire thing while he was on vacation with his family & friends at the Atlantis in the Bahamas & the video was completely filmed using nothing but a GoPro. That’s what I love about it – it’s got a natural, cool, fun, summer feel to it. It’s so different than anything else Frankie has released in the past. It shows a different side to him. We’re so used to seeing the big production videos with the costumes and multiple actors, the big dance scenes and don’t get me wrong, as much as I love those, it was nice to see something toned down too!

Song – Two words: SING. ALONG. That’s really the best way to describe this record. The video is perfect for it because it’s so fun!! When I hear Forever Girl, (and trust me, it’s been on repeat for the last few days), I only want to do two things: sing and dance. I love the old school vibe it’s bringing back and all of the live instruments used to create the beat! When I close my eyes and the song is playing, I picture myself driving down the freeway in Los Angeles with all of my windows down and hearing this song playing from everyone’s car hahaha. It’s so catchy!

Get singing and dancing while you watch the video by clicking here! If you love it, support an indie artist by spreading the word!

Purchase the song on iTunes by clicking here!

So you’ve read my thoughts on the song and video, time to hear from you! Do you agree/disagree with my opinion? Make sure to let me know in the comments and of course, make sure to let Frankie know what you think by commenting on the video itself and/or by tweeting him!

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  1. Love the song! Love the video cause it is so natural and it is something different from all the lights, dance and costumes. I agree that this is a very catchy song. Great job Frankie!!

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