The Impact of Passion

Through the years, I have seen, through my own experiences, how passion really does change everything. I see it within myself even – how much I am willing to do for something I am passionate about, versus something that I am not.

Take, the music industry, for example. When it comes to the music industry, I will do (and have done) everything and anything; from working full time for free to taking trips to New York for conferences and events I deem important, to taking trips to Los Angeles to continuously meet more industry people, cold emailing (cold call, but over email) individuals in the industry, following them on social platforms and even racking my brain on a daily basis to try and find new ways to connect with anyone that I can. I also put time into building my social brand, making sure that when someone sees my profile, they see the passion through what I post.

It is the passion I have for this industry that makes me okay with “working” hours and hours; I say it’s work but honestly, I have never considered anything I have done as work, because to me, it’s all FUN. 🎉 In the past, I would send out hundreds of emails and tweets for a pop artist I used to work with, and although that was time consuming, it made it worth it when I obtained opportunities like getting him in touch with top music producer, Rodney Jerkins, Katy Perry’s parents, and even established a relationship with the social media scientist of, who published two articles about the artist on the website. SO COOL. Being in Los Angeles, interning there; I got to live in the City of Angels, attend concerts and events, LEARN an incredible amount, meet super cool people, and dive hands first into cool projects. Being in Toronto, interning here; I am exploring a new city that I didn’t know much about, I get to learn more about record labels and the impact they have on the industry, meet new people and get to work on different projects. I get to see the differences of working at a start up, versus working at a corporate company, something I believe is super beneficial, now that I will be planning my future more deeply. The passion I have makes everything FUN, and helps me see the good in even some of the tougher situations. The passion I have is what makes me work hard, have a strong work ethic, be determined and speak with a glimmer in my eyes when the conversation revolves around the music industry. It is what makes me a good employee. It is what helps me leave an impression on those I meet. THIS is why passion is so important.

A passion does not show up simply by someone sitting on their couch at home, rather, a passion is found by doing, by trying new things and experiences. One day, you will do something, if you haven’t already, and it will just click – then, it is up to you to see what you want to do with your passion. But trust me, if you continue exploring it, and growing it, you will leave a lasting impression on people, which can only help you in the future.


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