Lessons Learnt: Do More

This week, I'm putting an emphasis on the importance of doing more than you're asked of, at work - whether that's taking initiative to help a coworker who has too much on their plate, or going an extra mile in your work, or suggesting a new idea and offering to take ownership of it, even... Continue Reading →

Nurturing Your Network

Last week, I published a blog relating to the importance of networking and trying to build up the number of individuals you know, in your industry of interest. This week, I want to discuss what I believe is even more important than that....nurturing your network. Tell me, you meet someone at a conference and exchange... Continue Reading →


This week, I'm sharing one of the things I am thrilled to have learnt at a young age: the power of networking. Read on to see why it's super important (in my opinion) + to read a few tips on how to do it well 🙂 Let's look at one's personal life. I would say... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Experience

Through my pursuit of one day having a successful career in the music industry, I have come to realize how important it is to have acquired experience. How, because of having gained experience, I am much more knowledgeable about the industry and all it entails, and have built relationships with many in the same domain... Continue Reading →

The Impact of Passion

Through the years, I have seen, through my own experiences, how passion really does change everything. I see it within myself even - how much I am willing to do for something I am passionate about, versus something that I am not. Take, the music industry, for example. When it comes to the music industry,... Continue Reading →

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