Entertainment Management Conference 

This past weekend, one of the biggest universities in Montreal, McGill, organized a two-day conference called the Entertainment Management Conference (EMC), which had a partnership with Evenko, the biggest concert promoter/booker here in Montreal.

The first day was comprised of speakers, speaking of different components of the entertainment industry from film, to music, to arts and nightlife. 

The second day was a workshop. We were put into groups of ten and had to #CoProWithEvenko . This meant that we had four and a half hours to put together an entire event concept, negotiate contracts, “book” artists to perform, come up with ticket prices etc., before having to present to several of the Evenko staff members. 

Below are a few key points I retained from day one of the conference: 

  • Hollywood has a short term memory ➡️ you have to try to stay relevant in a fast paced environment 
  • “You can have a great music video, but if you don’t have a good infrastructure promoting it, it goes nowhere” -Stéphane from the Film in Quebec panel 
  • Digital advertising is super important to master and something that we should all be aware of 
  • Building a strong network is key #ItsNotWhatYouKnow #ItsWhoYouKnow
  • The best way to make yourself indispensable is to create a need 

On the other hand, the second day was very hands on. It was amazingggg. It’s crazy to me how strangers can all come together and work towards an end goal. I had a blast working with my team #The10Dimensions and getting to know everyone afterwards. It just goes to show how having an end goal & vision, as well as a passion for the same industry, can lead to great things. Congrats to my team on coming in third place!!! 👌🏼🎉

One thing I want to point out from the workshop that I noticed – 90% of the teams (including mine) chose EDM artists to “book” at the event they were organizing…interesting to see the direction that the music industry is headed to!

The 10 Dimensions (missing one member)!

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