Although this doesn’t pertain to the music industry specifically, this past week, I attended the Much Marketing Week, which took place in Montreal. 

There were some really great speakers and I learnt a lot from the event, so I thought I’d share some key points with all of you… ☺️

  • You can spend months working on a business plan, but the world will not follow it – there will always be something you did not anticipate, so you might as well just take the shot 
  • For social media to be effective for a company, it’s important for the content to be creative and engaging
  • Get as much information about your clients as you can so you can more easily target them with marketing tactics 
  • If you don’t have a customer coming to you, then you have to go get it
  • Engage your customers – have them create content for your brand by holding contests etc

If there’s one thing this conference made me realize it’s how much data all of the companies we purchase from, have on us. They know so much more than we realize. The world is going more and more towards digitalization and cloud computing. I’m looking forward to seeing where the future of the business world is heading, and how marketing strategies will change! 


Sylvain Toutant, President – David’s Tea


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