“Hello …It’s Me” 

If you don’t know that Adele has made an insaneeee comeback with her newest single, Hello, then you’ve clearly been living under a rock for the last few weeks. This song has been alllllll anyone has been speaking of. But let’s face it, it’s AMAZING! Way to come back in for the kill, Adele! ✔️👌🏼

Turns out that just today, Frankie Z released a beautiful concept video/cover to the song…I’ve got to say, it’s really one of my favorites! Just everything about it…the rendition, the vocals, setting and contemporary partner dancing is ahh, so great! 

You can all see what I’m talking about by clicking here

Artist Tip: If you’re focusing on making cover videos and posting them to YouTube, try to pick a song that’s currently really “hot” on the charts. People love covers so while the original song is buzzing, they’re more likely to do a search for covers & if you’ve done one and associate the right tags to your video, yours could be one of the first to pop up in their search results!

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