Late Night Studio Seshhh 

I came across this picture as I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed today and I thought to myself “so true” hahah …

Working with Frankie over the years, I’ve been able to attend several studio sessions. Let me just say, producers really do never sleep! The amount of work that goes into creating just one three and a half minute song is more than you could ever imagine.
I remember the first time I witnessed a song’s creation from beginning to end for the very first time. It was Summer 2014 and Frankie was looking to attract an older crowd & therefore, was moving towards a more urban/pop sound. It started off with producers creating several beats, then a writer came in, then Frankie had to record his vocals, then the beats were readjusted…instruments were added and removed, before the song was finally mixed and mastered. (Mastered refers to the process when all of the sounds get leveled out so that the song doesn’t sound like a bunch of different pieces were put together to create it.)

The process of seeing a song come together from beginning to end for the very first time is something that I will never forget, and is something that still fascinates me. Something literally came from nothing. Endless nights in the studio but I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. There was such a cool vibe and everyone was so nice…not gonna lie, I kind of miss it! 

Next time you hear a track, take a second to appreciate it a little bit more. As I me mentioned, there is so much work that goes into creating that three and a half minute song that’s playing on the radio! 🎶

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