La La Landdd 

Ahhhh so it’s my first time in Los Angeles and I am SUPER EXCITED! It’s always been one of my dreams to come to the West Coast and see what it’s all about …is it like what I see in the movies? Read about in books? …nope! It’s WAY MORE than that!!

LA has been a place I’ve always wanted to visit because it’s where all of the hustle and bustle takes place in the music industry, where so many artist management companies, record labels, agencies etc have their head offices and where some of the most prestigious and honorable events take place (hellooo Grammy’s)! I can’t wait to be a tourist for the next few days! 

Pictured is myself with Michael Jackson’s star on the Walk of Fame…the King of Pop …forever an icon! 

Fun fact
: There are five different symbols that can appear beneath each person’s name on the star, which represents what industry they were most recognized for being a part of…

  • Record – recording
  • Comedy/tragedy masks – live theater
  • Camera – motion picture
  • Microphone – radio 
  • TV set – television 

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