Lessons Learnt: Do More

This week, I’m putting an emphasis on the importance of doing more than you’re asked of, at work – whether that’s taking initiative to help a coworker who has too much on their plate, or going an extra mile in your work, or suggesting a new idea and offering to take ownership of it, even working before and/or after hours, whether that means going into the office earlier, staying late or even working on weekends (if possible). I can tell you from experience that it makes the difference and is noticeable.

You see, when you do more than what you’re asked of, it shows your employer and coworkers that you care about what you’re doing and you care about the contribution you bring to the organization. It shows that you are passionate about your job, and even that you are a team player, not only caring about completing all of your tasks properly and on time, but helping your coworkers achieve the same thing.

Having worked in a few organizations, I can tell already that not everyone has this mentality, which is fine, but at least if you do, and you make that extra effort, you can stand out among your coworkers in the eyes of your superiors…and that’s never a bad thing! 😉


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