How I Lost 7 Pounds in 6 Days

I ACTUALLY lost 7 pounds in 6 days, this isn’t clickbait! Sounds pretty crazy huh? I think so too!

I’m not going to lie, exercising comes easier to me than eating healthy does. I just love my chocolate, ice cream, chips and sweets (it tastes so good!) But one Sunday after having overdone it on the eating during the week before, I decided that ‘enough was enough’ and conducted an experiment to prove to myself the impact that eating well really does have on our bodies.

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Here’s What I Did to Lose 7 Pounds in 6 Days

1. I cut refined sugars & carbs by 90%

As mentioned above, I have a big sweet tooth. I also love to eat anything with carbohydrates in it – white bread, white rice, pasta…so yum! Obviously, refined sugars and carbs are not good for us, and actually lead to bloating. I therefore cut foods high in refined sugars and carbs from my diet by about 90%. What a difference it made, clearly! I replaced some of those foods with Love Good Foods bars (peanut butter choco is my FAVE!) & sugar-free chocolate (the mint flavour is delicious), GoodToGo snacks (hello healthy brownies!!) and Greek yogurt mixed with date paste.

2. I did 16:8 intermittent fasting

Every night, I stopped eating after my supper. I would also start eating again only 16 hours (or more) later, which brought me to lunch time. Not eating at night has significantly helped me feel better overall. Especially since I always go for a walk after supper, my body has time to diest the food I’ve eaten and ultimately keeps my metabolism working. This means food isn’t sitting in my stomach all night when I sleep and I don’t feel bloated.

3. I had bone broth every night

Right before beginning my fast every night, I had a cup of Organika Bone Broth. Ginger Chicken is my favourite, but they also have Beef and Vegetable options. This is one of the most effective, natural ‘de-bloaters’ in my opinion. Though I’m not the biggest of fans of the taste, what it does to my body makes it 100% worth it.

4. I exercised

Yes, I continued to exercise, but not significantly. I would argue that I exercised less during the week I lost 7 lbs than in a normal week, further proving my point about how important what we eat actually is.

So there you have it! Nothing mysterious nor too complicated 🙂 Seeing these results has proven to me how significant the food we eat actually is. This will absolutely lead me to being more mindful in the future when I reach my hand to grab a snack or a meal!

Do you have any healthy eating tips? Let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram @gbevsss!

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