Must-Have Bath Time Essentials

Learn how to relax with these bath time essentials. Have you ever just wanted to relax? No but like, really relax. Forget-the-world kind of relax. Well, I know I have, and I found it super challenging to do so, until a few years back when I discovered Bathorium. If you don’t keep reading but want to try their products, use my code, GBEVSSS for 10% off your online order (pretty sweet, huh?!)!

So what is Bathorium, you may ask, and why do I love their products? Well, keep reading!

Bathorium is a Canadian company, founded in 2014, that has led the path towards clean beauty bathing. Their products are all “free from artificial fragrances, colourants or other toxic nasties,” says their founder, Gregory Macdonald. He continues to say that their beliefs are rooted in that “taking a bath is an art form and expression of self worship.” And, I must agree.

Bathorium has, over the years, developed a range of amazing products. From their Crush Bath Soaks, Elixir Bubble Baths, Bath Bombs (including their massive one, filled with Bulgarian roses, Aphrodite), Bath Treatments and even products for babies, there really is something for everyone!

Keep reading for the 7 reasons why I am obsessed with this brand!

1. Their products are simply incredible

From the moment I took my first bath with the Ancient Oat Hydration Crush Bath Soak, I was hooked. I got out of the bath and not only did I feel relaxed and sleepy (perfect for bed time!) but my skin felt super hydrated too. I knew this brand was sincere and true to their product statements. Since then, I’ve tried multiple of their Bath Bombs, all of their Crush Bath Soaks and the Elixirs as well. My collection keeps growing, and I’m not complaining.

2. They have a large variety of products (perfect for any mood)

With their large variety of products, Bathorium has something to suit every need and mood. Want to relax? Go with their Snooze Bomb or their BeCalm Bubble Elixir. Need something to help with muscle relaxation? Try their BeRejuvenated Bubble Elixir or their Eucalyptus Apothecary Crush. They even have clean products for babies, such as the Little Charlie Bath Soak & the Little Charlie Bubble Bath Milk.

3. Their products make for the PERFECT gifts

I can’t even count how many times I have gifted Bathorium products! Hey, I want to share the love and help others discover this amazing brand! I especially like the The Crush Gift Set as it gives the receiver a chance to try the different varities of the Crush Bath Soaks and decide on their fave. The Bath Lovers Bath Bomb Bundle is also great for someone who’s a bath bomb fan! Regardless, if you’ve got a bath fan in your circle, you can’t go wrong with gifting them a Bathorium product.

Crush gift set
The Crush Bath Soak Gift Set

4. Their products smell INSANE

Have you ever dreamt of having a spa in your own house? Well, dream come true when you’re taking a bath with Bathorium products. Their products have a range of different scents depending on the type selected. The scents range from lavender, to eucalyptus, wintergreen to sage and pine to bergamont. All relaxing and soothing scents that’ll help you relax and get the BEST night’s sleep.

5. Their products are all CLEAN

You might think, ‘Bathorium’s products better be clean, I’m taking a bath’. Yes, but in this case, I mean their products are certified organic, free from artificial fragrances and phthalates and never tested on animals. You can feel GOOD about using this product. No need to worry about any harmful toxins seeping in to your skin!

6. Their products accomplish what they say they will

I kind of touch upon this above, but one of the aspects I appreciate the most about Bathorium is how effective their products are at accomplishing what they claim they’ll do. For example, when my muscles are sore, I use the Eucalyptus Apothecary or the Northern Sage Recovery Crush. These products are both claimed to be perfect for athletes and recovery. And this is true. My muscles always feel less inflammed and more relaxed after I bathe with these products. The Snooze Bomb for example, as the name implies, is perfect for someone who is looking to relax and get a good sleep. No word of a lie, I nearly fell asleep in the bath when I used this product. I could barely get up to get in to my bed. I find a lot of companies these days make claims about products that are inaccurate, which is why I appreciate Bathorium’s perfectly curated website listing accurate product benefits and uses.

Best sleep products

7. Their customer service & shipping times are A1

I’ve had to commnuicate with the Bathorium team once or twice about their products and their customer service has truly been amazing. The seal to one of the products I received unglued itself from one of the sides and, without hesitation, a new product was shipped to me the next day. In a day and age where things move quickly, customer service can be the make it or break it for many consumers when evaluating brands, and, take it from me, Bathorium scores 10/10 here. Moreover, they ship out their orders extremely quickly. I placed an order passed midnight and woke up at 8AM the next morning to a ship notification – incredible!!

bathorium products (Crush & Elixir)

If you’re interested in trying Bathorium products (or gifting them), you can browse their website HERE, enter the code “GBEVSSS” upon checkout and receive 10% OFF your purchase. Their product also features a range of other bath/body care products that you can check out & give a try to!

Have you ever tried Bathorium? Let me know your favourite product in the comments below or on my Instagram if you have! You should also follow them on Instagram to stay up to date with sales & new product releases!

*Images courtesy of Bathorium.

*I’m a proud affiliate of Bathorium. Therefore, if you purchase using my code GBEVSSS, you will get a 10% discount on Bathorium orders placed through their website, and I will get a small commission.

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  1. Wow Giuliana, anyone reading your blog about Bathorium would definitely want to try their products. I have and I absolutely love them. Amazing company that sells amazing products 😊

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