To My Beloved Cousin Massimo…

In this post, I’m taking a pause on my regular content of health and wellness, and dedicating it to my late cousin, Massimo.

For those of you who don’t know, my cousin Massimo lost his precious life at the young age of 21. But he is not the only one who lost something. Every, single person who knows him and was touched by his physical presence on Earth lost something as well. Unfortunately, both us, nor Massimo, will ever get what we lost, back.

My cousin Massimo and I have so many memories together. We had a special bond as cousins and one that I will cherish forever. You can take a look at some of our moments together, from a young age, below.

From a young age, Massimo & I used to play Super Mario together. Whether on Nintendo DS or Wii, when we were together, Super Mario was present. We used to play every time we went to Nonna’s, when he would come to my place or when I would go to his. My parents got my sister & I our Wii before his parents got him & his sister theirs, and on Christmas Day, when he woke up and found a Wii under his tree, he immediately called me (filled with excitement) to tell me! Whether we were playing multiplayer on the same team, or in competition, we always had so much fun together. My hands would hurt every time we left each other, from playing for so long.

One of my fondest memories from our young age is when we played Super Mario Wii for hours and weeks on end. And then, we finally got to the end of the game (or so we thought at the time!) World 8 came around and we had to beat the big dragon. We played that level over and over again for hours. I remember his parents wanting to leave my house. ‘Wait we need to beat this!’ we had replied.

Miraculously, we ended up beating the level. I remember us screaming of joy. We were so happy and felt so accomplished in that moment, and we did it together. I will never forget that moment or that feeling when it happened. So simple yet so special.

As the years passed, me & Massimo both got older in age and naturally, lived our own lives and saw each other less. Yet, we always kept in touch. I was so happy when I would hear he was coming to one of our family get togethers (he wasn’t always able to make it). I would always ask my aunt prior to the event; ‘Is Massimo coming?’ I really enjoyed every moment in his company.

Over the last 5 years or so, I had the honour and privilege to learn a tremendous amount from my cousin. Though younger than me, he was and will always be the smartest person I’ll ever know. His creativity to make money and his knowledge on the stock market and cryptocurrency is second to none. I always said that he would be the millionaire of the family, and I’m confident that had he had a chance to continue this journey we call ‘life’, he would have. There is no one who has taught me more about how to make money than him. I will cherish his advice forever and I hope it will make me very rich one day!

Most recently, Massimo and I had a bond over poker. After hearing him & the rest of my family get together to play games on the weekend, I was curious and wanted to be a part of it too. I knew nothing about it, but Massimo patiently took me through the rules of the game and showed me tips & tricks along the way. I felt so proud when I beat him at one time. He is an excellent poker player and the best at bluffing. He could have made some serious cash had he continued with this. Though I used to be so annoyed when he used to sit next to me and do the ‘shuffle’ with his poker chips for the entirety of the game, I would do anything to hear that sound again. I feel honoured to have one of his precious poker chips in my possession, and I will keep it near me forever.

You see, my cousin Massimo is the first person near and dear to my heart whom I’ve lost. The fact that he was so young, and this happened accidentally, makes it even harder to wrap my head around and cope with. As much as I try to tell myself this is reality, that he is no longer here with us physically on Earth, my brain just can’t seem to wrap its head around it. It’s like my mind is blocking this fact and won’t let me realize it.

Massimo leaving this Earth has been a tremendous loss for all of us who knew him, but also for the World. I know that as he would have grown older, he would have made some amazing contributions to society. He is the type of person who put the world’s problems on his shoulders, when he really didn’t have to. He was kind, funny, smart, caring, thoughtful, passionate and delicate all at once. He was a really special person, and we are all at a loss without him by our sides anymore. A piece of my heart broke out of my chest on the day he passed away, and the break will never fully mend. It’s impossible that it will without him here.

Massimo, I want: another conversation with you, another poker game with you, another piece of investment advice from you, another chance to hear your laugh, and to get a hug from you. I want to see you walk in to Nonna’s with your Air Pods in your ears, and wearing your iconic hoodies, opening gifts on your birthday on your stairs at home. I want another photo of the five cousins together, a photo of us with Nonna and Nonno. I know you’re here in spirit, but I want you back physically for so many reasons and to create so many more memories. Your time on Earth wasn’t supposed to be over. And I’d do anything to change the outcome.

Massimo, my angel, our angel: keep coming to see us, to say hi to us and see how we’re doing, keep guiding us and keep giving us the signs to make the right decisions in life. If I don’t have a choice, I’m glad it’s you I have you up there looking over me, because you’re smart and I know you won’t steer me wrong, ever 😉

Life is so difficult and so different without you, Massimo. I hope you finally see and realize just how much you are loved and how much you meant to so many people. I hope you’re at peace and resting easy up there…make sure you give the others a chance when you’re playing poker with them!

Until we meet again, I will continue forward, because I know that’s what you’d want me and the family to do. I will continue to smile, to live my life to the fullest, to laugh and love so hard, and to enjoy it for you.

I miss you and think of you every, single day. And I’ll say it again, I truly hope you’re at peace, at least it would make our pain a little more bearable.

I love you forever & ever Massimo. Your memory and your spirit will stay near us, always.

-Your cousin Giuliana


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  1. So, so beautiful. I read this and looked at the time, 11:11. Thank you for your kind words about our Massimo. He was such a big part of our lives, hence why there is a big void in our hearts. I love when people talk about him cause I’m sure he smiles from above. I miss him so much and I know I’m not alone missing him. I so wish he was here. He left too soon. He loves you very much, all his cousins! Although he was the middle cousin, in recent pics he always seemed to look like the oldest. Now he is our angel. Mommy loves you very much, always and forever.

  2. Wow such beautiful words to our beloved Massimo. No matter what, he will never be forgotten and we will think of him every single day.
    I hope he is at peace and not suffering anymore.
    Massimo was loved more than he could ever know ❤️❤️

  3. Hey Giuliana, that is so beautiful what you wrote about our beloved Massimo, I started crying just before I could finish reading the last sentence. I think and miss him dearly, we love you so much Massimo.❤️❤️😘

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