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If you have never tried or done something, you will most likely not be the best at it. That said, it’s only normal, right? How could you be really good at doing something if it’s your first time doing it? Of course, some will be better than others at first, but ultimately, the more we do it, the better we will all become. Take math for example, everyone’s favourite subject in school am I right? (LOL). At first, you think adding 1+1 is hard, but then you understand the concept and it becomes easy. Then, you are taught how to subtract, multiply and divide before fractions and algebra get introduced. We were all so young when taught those concepts that we may/may not remember, but I am sure that when we were first introduced with what we considered ‘foreign’ at the time, we all had room for improvement. As we practiced and built on the concepts though, learning harder things as we went along, what was hard at first, ultimately became something easy, and we became great at it.

In life, if we stop ourselves from trying new things, we will never give ourselves the opportunity to become masters at them. This is why I believe it is important for us to continuously learn, in and out of school. It’s never too late nor too early to start something, and ultimately, become great at it. 😉

As a quote parallel to this one, by Helen Hayes goes: “the expert in anything was once a beginner”. But, if you never begin, you can never obtain the chance of being an expert now can you?


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