“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” –Confucius

From experience, I can say that this is so true. Over the years, I have helped Frankie Z tremendously. Day in and day out, I would do certain things to try and get him noticed by influencers, producers, individuals working at record labels etc., but never once did any of this feel like work. I would stare at my computer from morning until night, be on my phone at any free moment I had, network with every individual. It’s like the “job” was never ending, and not once did I ask for a paycheck, nor did I get fed up.

Most recently, as you know if you’ve been following my blog, I’ve been interning at Black Box. Although I work from the office for 8-9 hours per day, I also work from home at night, and on weekends. Do I have to put in the extra hours? No. But more importantly, do I want to put in the extra hours? Yes. Why? Because all of this does not feel like a job.

That’s what’s great about finding your passion, your lane, in life. It becomes a part of you, it becomes second nature. If I’m not answering emails at 10pm, I feel weird. If I’m not continuing something on my work to do list, I feel empty. So, I pull out my computer and phone and just continue to work, or rather, keep myself busy. 😉


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