Alessia Cara Sells Out the Corona! 

Alessia Cara, signed to Def Jam, and most commonly known for her hit single Here, kicked off her Know-It-All tour tonight in the city none other than Montreal, at the Corona Theatre! 

I had the opportunity to attend the sold out event tonight and let me tell you, I was quite surprised. 

I walked into the venue only knowing one of Ms. Cara’s songs, and thought that would be the case for many others in attendance. Contrary to my belief, when Cara hit the stage, I’d say 95% of the individuals there knew every word, to every song, proving to me that Cara is not just a one hit wonder

Cara walked onto the stage wearing black jeans and a t-shirt, and sporting a beanie, part of her merchandise collection for purchase. Nice self promoting there! 👍🏼 She had great fan interaction and dangg, that girl can singgggg. 

With vocals on point and an enthusiastic, sold out crowd singing along to every song, I think this was a prettyyyy good way to commence Cara’s first show on her first tour! 

Check out a short clip of Alessia Cara singing Here at the show below:

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