New Music Seminar

Kinda random but I want to share with you all an awesome seminar that I have been attending for the last two years, and that I plan on attending for many more. 

As this post is titled, it’s called the New Music Seminar. For the last two years, the seminar has been taking place over the course of three days, in June, at the Wyndham New Yorker in well, New York City! 

The tickets are sold in tiers, based on dates …the earlier you buy your ticket, the cheaper it is! Anddd, best part, they have a great student rate!!! 

I’ve been to a few conferences/seminars and what I love the most about this one is how interactive it is. Not only do you get to listen to different panelists speak, but oftentimes, you can meet the panelist afterwards and make that face-to-face connection which is super important in the music industry. 

Whether you’re interested in the art of music or the behind the scenes, this really is the seminar to attend! This seminar isn’t a joke. Some of the most respected individuals in the music industry are often present (shoutout to Charlie Walk, who I spoke to for the very first time at NMS2014!)

More information can be found at their website, which you can access by clicking here!


Myself shaking hands with Joe Carozza (Republic Records) after one of the panels! #NMS14
The executives of some major labels! #NMS14
Desmond Child! #NMS14
More music industry executives! #NMS15
Charlie Walk (Republic Records) amongst other ‘radio guys’! #NMS14

 Fun fact: For the last two years that I have attended, there has been a panel where for two-three hours during two of the conference days, A&Rs of some of the major labels listen to tracks submitted by artists, and critique them live, in front of the audience! 

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