Best Places to Visit in Virginia

Virginia often isn’t one of the states that first comes to mind when you think of tourist destinations. However, the state actually has a great mixture of destinations that nearly everyone can enjoy. So what are the best places to visit if you find yourself in Virginia? Let’s explore the top destinations in Virginia.

Lessons Learnt: Do More

This week, I'm putting an emphasis on the importance of doing more than you're asked of, at work - whether that's taking initiative to help a coworker who has too much on their plate, or going an extra mile in your work, or suggesting a new idea and offering to take ownership of it, even... Continue Reading →


This week's #MondayMotivation inlines itself with the core of my beliefs: the importance of following your dreams. As Ralph Marston states in his quote, it is hard to follow a dream. But if you stop and think about it, most of the time, when we have a dream, it's something uncommon. It's not something everybody... Continue Reading →

Track of the Week

This song was ALL over Canadian radio stations all summer long; as in, oftentimes, I would hear it playing on either two stations at once, or on one station and then on another right after. Honestly though,  I wasn't complaining. Every time I heard the track, I turned up the volume, and started singing along.... Continue Reading →

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