When someone is passionate about something, it's obvious. You see it in their mannerisms, in their eyes, you hear it in their voice; you can so clearly tell that what they're talking about means so much, and that they are so excited about it. That said, passion towards ones work, in my opinion, is tied... Continue Reading →

Track of the Week

Can you say catchy or what? This retro tune is one that I cannot get out of my head (and that's not just because I laid some background vocals on it). Whenever this track comes on, I can't help but just want to get up, dance, and sing along - I just want to keep... Continue Reading →

Nurturing Your Network

Last week, I published a blog relating to the importance of networking and trying to build up the number of individuals you know, in your industry of interest. This week, I want to discuss what I believe is even more important than that....nurturing your network. Tell me, you meet someone at a conference and exchange... Continue Reading →


When you keep going and going and going and going, at some point, something's gotta give. Of course, the quote above is a metaphor. In other words, an action may not translate into something great at first, but if you keep trying and keep going after it, never giving up, and finding different avenues to... Continue Reading →

Track of the Week

I hate to admit it, but maybe seeing Niall Horan in person did reinforce my opinion on this song just a littleeeee. While working backstage at the 2017 iHeartRadio MMVAs, I made eye contact with Niall not once, twice, but a good four/five times and boy is his smile mesmerizing. Though I was never an... Continue Reading →


This week, I'm sharing one of the things I am thrilled to have learnt at a young age: the power of networking. Read on to see why it's super important (in my opinion) + to read a few tips on how to do it well 🙂 Let's look at one's personal life. I would say... Continue Reading →

Recommendation: Too Good Music

In this post, I'd like to talk about a music website I was introduced to, and quickly became hooked on. It's called Too Good Music, and is run by one of my West Coast buddies, Austin. After reading a few posts about new music, I knew that Austin was knowledgeable about the topic and loved... Continue Reading →


If you have never tried or done something, you will most likely not be the best at it. That said, it's only normal, right? How could you be really good at doing something if it's your first time doing it? Of course, some will be better than others at first, but ultimately, the more we... Continue Reading →

Track of the Week

While volunteering at the 2017 iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards, I got to hear bits and pieces of artists rehearsing for their performances, Lorde being one of them. She sung both "Green Light" and "Perfect Places" (watch her amazing performance here!) and that is when I became obsessed with this track. Hearing her sing it... Continue Reading →

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