Evive: My Favourite Easy Smoothies

Have you ever had the good intention of making yourself a smoothie as meal or snack, but then opened your fridge just to find a lack of ingredients? Or you were on the go and didn’t have time to wash & cut up oyur fruits and veggies? Or you didn’t have the equipment to do so? Well, no more excuses! Evive to the rescue! And if you don’t keep reading but want to try their products, use my code, GBEVSSS25 at checkout, for $25 off your order!

A glimpse at Evive‘s product lineup

Here are the 5 reasons why I’m a big Evive advocate!

1. The Convenience is Unbeatable

Evive‘s frozen cubes are perfectly packaged. Simply pop out the number of cubes you want to make your smoothie, pop them in your shaker (or any glass with a cover), add the liquid of your choice, let it sit for 20 minutes and shake, shake, shake!

Evive Touk-Touk flavour wheel
A wheel of their ‘Touk-Touk’ flavour.

2. They use high-quality ingredients

From fruits, to spices, vegetables to protein, Evive prides themselves on only using high-quality ingredients in their cubes. Their products taste good, are fully nutritious and have no guilt associated!

3. They have so many flavours to choose from

With over 13 flavours to choose from, there’s no way you’ll ever get bored with this product. There’s a different flavour for every day, making it easy to stay loyal to Evive and continuously rotate via their selection of products. Some flavours are high in protein, like the Passion Mango and Orange Peach, while others include caffeine, like the Cashew Mocha & Pure. Others are just so tasty with their blend of fruits and veggies.

All of Evive's different flavours
Evive’s smoothie lineup.

4. Their Product Allows You to Portion Control

This is one of the highlights of Evive‘s products, in my opinion. There is the option to portion control. Each ‘wheel’ of theirs comes with 8 cubes. For a full meal, it is recommended to use all 8, while for a snack sized, it is recommeded to use only 4. Love it!!

5. Evive Has Soups & Muffins Too

Yes, Evive no longer only has smoothies in their product lineup. They have expanded to also have soups and muffins. Same concept with the 8 wheels, but this time, the contents are different. They have four soup varieties to choose from: Thai, Butternut Squash, Mexican and Indian. You can either makethese as soups or bowls topped off with additional ingredients. Um, YUM!! From salty to sweet, they have also recently introduced muffins into their wheelhouse: Banana Chocolate and Carrot. So now, Evive has you covered for breakfast with their smoothies, lunches with their soups and snacks with their muffins! A one-stop shop!

If you’re interested in trying Evive’s products, you can browse their website HERE, enter the code GBEVSSS25 upon checkout and receivr $25 OFF your purchase!

Had you ever heard of Evive? Have you tried their products? Let me know your favourite product & flavour of theirs in the comments below or on my Instagram! You can also follow them on Instagram to stay on top of all of their new releases!

*Images courtesy of Evive.

*I’m a proud ambassador of Evive. Therefore, if you purchase using my code GBEVSSS25, you’ll receive $25 off your purchase, and I will get a small commission.

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