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I hate to admit it, but maybe seeing Niall Horan in person did reinforce my opinion on this song just a littleeeee. While working backstage at the 2017 iHeartRadio MMVAs, I made eye contact with Niall not once, twice, but a good four/five times and boy is his smile mesmerizing. Though I was never an immense One Direction fan, I still got little butterflies in my stomach seeing one of the former band members in person.

You know how they say that songs can trigger memories? Though I was already hooked on this track before the award show, let’s just say I became a little more hooked on it after the event. Listening to it always brings back the memories from that weekend and how much fun I had working an award show. <3

This track may have come out a bit ago, but to me, it will always be special. Though I wasn’t a huge fan of Niall’s debut single as a solo artist, “This Town”, I am more fond of “Slow Hands” and am looking forward to hearing the tracks that will be released next.

What do you think of the tune? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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