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Not everyone forces themselves to achieve their goals and dreams, and that’s okay, but, you should consider using that to your advantage. Those who go with the flow and don’t try too hard will get to a certain point, but those with passion, drive and persistence, will be more willing to do more. By doing more, you will stand out more. By standing out more, greater opportunities may be presented to you.

If you do the basics, you will be among the crowd, but as you do more, the crowd will get smaller and smaller until you will (hopefully) be by yourself, i.e. you will have gone the furthest in order to achieve something.

Let’s tie this to an example, say, applying for a job. Anyone with interest in the job will apply online, making that ecosystem crowded, but someone who really wants the job or is super passionate about the field will apply, but will also connect with hiring managers on LinkedIn, attend conferences to network with individuals already employed by the company, follow the company on their social platforms etc. They will do anything they can for the chance of their name popping up most often and becoming recognizable. They will take more than one avenue to put the chances on their side of obtaining the opportunity. Looking at it logically, they would be at an advantage compared to someone who simply applied.

Dare to be different. Dare to stand out.


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