I woke up yesterday at 7:55 in morning. At 7:56am, I found out that Christina Grimmie was shot and killedthe night before while conducting a meet and greet for 120 of her fans, after one of her performances at The Plaza in Orlando, FL. All day yesterday and today, the facts have not escaped my mind. All I have done is talk about this, think about this, call people about it and text them. I still cannot fathom what has happened. Moreover, I find out that when Frankie was on the PopNation tour last summer, less than one year ago, he played that exact venue. Ouch. This hits home. Next, I think of myself and everyone else who has been to at least one concert in our lives – we go to concerts to have FUN, to listen to our favorite songs being sung live, to be in the same room as the artists we admire most. We should not have to fear a murderer being in the room armed with guns and a knife, possibly there to take one of our lives. I think of the career I want to have – in the music industry, as an artist manager. I think of how I dream of being on tour all the time with my artists. I think of how if this were in the future, Christina could have been MY artist. The devastation.

I would be lying if I said I was one of Grimmie’s fans. I would be lying if I said that before today, I knew more than her name and that she was an aspiring singer. That’s not the point, the point is the action, the crime that was committed.
I say that everything happens for a reason, so although it had to come at the expense of an innocent life, I hope we can all learn the following from this situation – LIVE EVERYDAY AS IF IT WERE YOUR LAST, BECAUSE ONE DAY, IT WILL BE. It seems to me that we sometimes take life for granted a little too much. We assume that we will have tomorrow to do what we put off doing today, we assume that everyone will still be here tomorrow. Guess what? One day, your life will flash before your eyes, and you will be gone, and the most mysterious part is that none of us know when that moment, or that day will come. So do what you want to do, eat that friggen piece of cake, go on that vacation you’ve been dying to take, move across the country to your dream destination, initiate the conversation you want to have with someone, make plans with those you want to see – live life to its fullest, because one day, it will simply be too late. 
Rest in the sweetest peace, Christina Grimmie. My heart is breaking over this.

I would also like to send out my condolences to all who have lost a loved on in the shooting that took place at Pulse nightclub this morning in Orlando…very very sad. #StopTheHate #EnforceTheGunControl 

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