“It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.” -Hans F Hansen 

One of the things in life that gets me the most irritated is when I see individuals who clearly have specific goals, adventures & ideas in mind, choose to ignore them because it would make them different than the rest, make them stand out from their family or simply because, as this quote says, would make them “stand alone.” 

What I have to say is what Nike’s most popular slogan is – just do it. So what that you have a different outlook on life, that your family and friends don’t agree with you or that you simply have an out-of-the-ordinary goal that you would like to fulfill? That’s the beauty of this wonderful thing we call life. Life was meant to be lived in a unique way for every, single person. We all have our purpose here – maybe your purpose is to bring about that new idea, and take action.

You have to remember one thing – for every action you do, you only need one person’s approval – YOURSELF. It’s your life to live, not anyone else’s. So don’t be influenced by popularity, and don’t change who you are for anyone. It takes a lot to be able to stick to your ground when everybody else is on the opposing side, but you are strong enough to say “no, you know what? This is what I want to do, so I am going to do it, and I don’t need anybody’s approval for it.” 


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