“The master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried” -Anonymous 

When people tell me about their goals, ambitions and big dreams, I often find myself asking them why they haven’t started working towards accomplishing them. A common answer I get is “because I’m afraid.” 

Here’s my answer to that: If you wait until the day you feel comfortable to do something, then you will never do it!

Many of us never end up setting out to accomplish our goals because we are afraid. Afraid of what people may think, yes, but more so, afraid of failure. What many actually fail to realize though, is that no experience in life is a failure unless you don’t learn anything from it. 

That’s where the quote stems from for this week’s #MondayMotivation . You are better off trying, not getting it right the first time around, learning, improving and trying a second, third, maybe even fourth, tenth time, than just letting your dreams be dreams.

#DontBeAfraid #ReachForTheStars #WalkTheWalk #DreamBig 

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