MM 6

This week’s Monday Motivation is inspired by Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire ActionIn his talk, Sinek discusses three keywords in business: Why (why are you doing it?) / How (how are you doing it?) / What (what are you doing?). He goes on to explain that, if you do something first by decided what you will do, then how you will do it, and lastly, why you are doing it, you may have more trouble in business. On the contrary, if you decide why you want to do something, and then figure out how you will accomplish it and then what you will be doing, it will be much easier for you to figure everything out. Check out the entire TED Talk below:

If you do things with purpose, then it doesn’t matter how or what you do, because if that fails, you will still have your purpose in line and will figure out another plan. People will see the passion and sincerity in your eyes. If you figure out what and how you will do something, before you figure out why you are doing it, you may have more trouble wrapping a purpose around your action. Purpose & passion > everything.

Do you agree? Let me know by commenting below! 🙂

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