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Charlie Walk – The Best in the Biz 

Let me start off by saying that I think it’s important for all of you to have an idol in life; someone whose attained respect and is successful in the field you want to work in, whether it be entertainment or anything else. They can serve as a guide, a motivator to help you keep going and to prove to you that you can achieve success in whatever you put your mind to. If you’re lucky enough, one day, that idol might turn out to be your mentor, your boss, coworker, or maybe even your “rival”. As one of my favorite quotes goes,

“Work until your idols become your rivals” -Anonymous 

I’ve never mentioned it before but my idol is Charlie Walk, the executive Vice-President of the #1 record label in the nation (for four years in a row 🙌🏼), Republic Records.

It all started when I met Mr. CW at the New Music Seminar back in 2014 (more about that in another blog post). He was the moderator for a panel relating to radio (and let’s face it, Mr. Walk is the KING of radio)! After the panel, Charlie stuck around for a little bit, speaking to attendees. When it came my turn, I introduced myself, thanked him for being a part of the event, and told him how informative the panel was. I then presented him with one of Frankie’s cards. He started asking me questions about Frankie, what he’s done, where he’s from, if I could send him some of Frankie’s music etc. Although the conversation lasted a grand two minutes, it was amazing. I felt respected. I felt important. That’s when I knew that Charlie had to be the one I’d look up to. I never expected someone of such a high status actually show interest and ask ME questions about something I brought up to them. I don’t know but normally when I talk to individuals with any status in the industry, I do all the talking, and 80% of the time I feel like there’s a disinterest.  There’s another quote that goes like this:

“When I talk to managers, I get the feeling that they are important. When I talk to leaders, I get the feeling that I am important” -PMBody.com 

Charlie Walk is a true leader in my eyes. I was 17 at the time, could still really be considered a “nobody” right? Everyone is important and plays their own role in life, which is why I put the “nobody” in quotation marks, but I mean really, I was just a teenage girl, with a passion in the music industry, but he made me feel like I was at his level – something I will never forget.

Fast forward a few months later to November 2014….

Musicians On Call, a non-profit organization, was celebrating its 15th anniversary, and Charlie Walk was one of the individuals being honored that night, for his involvement with MOC over the years. The event was taking place in New York City so I decided to attend with Frankie. I thought to myself, “yay! An opportunity to see my idol again!” The night was truly incredible. When I went up to CW to congratulate him on his honor, shake his hand and remind him that we had met a few months earlier, I was instead greeted with a big hug and a “thank you so much for coming here tonight. I really appreciate you being at the event.” I’m not going to lie, I died a little bit inside knowing that my idol had remembered me.

Today marks exactly one year since that day.

Myself, Frankie Z and Charlie Walk at MOC’s 15th Anniversary Celebration
Myself and Charlie Walk
Myself and Frankie Z before the event

Charlie Walk accepting his award, with one of his daughters by his side
If you’re in this music industry, I would highly recommend you start following Charlie Walk. He’s the real deal. Not only is he extremely respected within the industry, but he’s also extremely personable and down to earth.

One of my dreams would be to learn some of the ropes from CW. I titled this post as him being “the best in the biz” because I really think he is. Republic as a whole has had much success thanks to their dynamic team of individuals who work hard day in and day out. I would love to call myself a part of that team one day.
#DreamBig …we never know what the future may hold!

Charlie Walk’s social handles:

Twitter: @charliewalk

Instagram: @charliewalk

Facebook: Facebook.com/charliewalk

Snapchat: charliewalk

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